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So, who would have the audacity to try to kidnap King Bey while she’s on stage singing? That’s precisely what happened in Sao Paulo on the 15th of September, while performing her hit single Irreplaceable. She’s lucky her bodyguards have quick reflexes and got her back, or Beyonce would have been history. Check out the video […]

Emanuel’s my guy, so it’s only right that I stay in touch with him. He just released a remake of Lil Wayne’s song, Rich, and it’s titled Thick. I’m laughing at it, but I like the spin. What do you all think?

You all remember when R&B singer, Ray J, attacked rapper Kanye West in his single, I Hit It First, right? Kanye finally fired back on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Check out the video below, as well as the video for Ray J’s, I Hit It First. Kanye’s Diss Ray J – I Hit It First

A personal video and song pick of the night….

Chief Keef has been doing way more than smoking and ‘rapping’, but one thing he HASN’T been doing is paying his child support payments. Police in Chicago have been told to haul Chief Keef to jail … if they see him … after the 17-year old rapper blew off a child support hearing, TMZ has learned. […]


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