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Complex received a phone call Wednesday afternoon, from MMG artist Wale, who was livid about his album The Gifted being left off the magazine’s “50 Best Albums of 2013.” During the call, the rapper expressed his belief that the complex staff had a personal bias against him. Being that he has been left off and or put […]

A police chief in Ohio has told Kanye West to ‘check himself before he wrecks himself’ for saying that performing puts his life “at risk” like a cop or soldier. In an open letter on the Brimfield Police Department’s Facebook page, David Olivertakes West to task for his comments, sarcastically thanking him for his “dangerous work” as a rapper […]

The Queen Bey is back, but this time, unexpectedly. No singles released, not a single ounce of promotion, yet she managed to record 14 audio selections, 17 music videos, and throw them on an album for the Beehive! Some may say this was a genius move on the Carter family, as she has gotten her […]

D-Rose is out for the season after undergoing a successful surgery to repair his torn meniscus. Wishing him a speedy recovery. To Chicago Bulls fans, like myself, this is tragic. Our point guard, Derrick Rose, will miss the rest of the season after undergoing knee surgery Monday. The surgery was performed by Dr. Brian Cole, who performed the […]

The NBA is in full promo mode for their new Christmas uniforms. In the commercial that has jingling hoops and features Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Derrick Rose among others (wearing the uniforms of course). The jerseys are available now. Happy Holidays!

Big Sean – Switch Up

Check out the official video for J. Cole’s single, Crooked Smile below and leave your thoughts/opinions on the video.

Sounds like something off of 12-Play? R.Kelly released his new single, titled Genius a few days ago, and we’re presenting it to you! What do you think?

So, who would have the audacity to try to kidnap King Bey while she’s on stage singing? That’s precisely what happened in Sao Paulo on the 15th of September, while performing her hit single Irreplaceable. She’s lucky her bodyguards have quick reflexes and got her back, or Beyonce would have been history. Check out the video […]

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