[VIDEO] Big Sean – One Man Can Change the World

Written by on June 20, 2015


The “Blessings” singer dropped the new video for his inspirational song, “One Man Can Change The World” and it just might make you tear up! The video is a loving tribute to his Big Sean’s late grandmother, but also reminds his fans to not give up and keep working hard at making their dreams come true!The black and white video starts off with Sean sitting in the back seat of a car, looking contemplative as the song kicks in. As the camera pulls out, the car is shown to be up on blocks! From there, we follow a young Sean as he grows up in urban Detroit.

The video is a somber reflection on Sean’s childhood struggles, facing gang violence and drugs, all while keeping the positive message of how “one man can change the world,” taught to him by his late grandmother, Mildred V. Leonard.

The video (and song) is dedicated to the incredible life that Sean’s grandmother lived! Mildred overcame poverty, racism and sexism to make history, becoming one of the first female Black Captains to fight in World War II. Afterwards, she became one of the first Black female Police officers in Detroit. Wow.

Mildred even served over 30 years with the Detroit Public School system as a teacher and counselor! Amazing! It’s no wonder that Sean cites his grandmother as being a huge influence! He even honors her in the song’s lyrics:

We need more than what you have
And then we need more than that
But how am I supposed to say I’m tired
If that girl from West Virginia came up in conditions that I couldn’t survive
Went to war, came back alive
On top of that became a female black captain

What are your thoughts on this video? Did it bring a tear or two to your eyes?



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