[Bump or Dump] : Sharrief – I’m Original

Written by on March 18, 2015

  • Jess

    Loveeee the song….What’s refreshing is you Original Man lol ;)..
    Your number one fan now and forever (cute nose)….. Time to shine baby

  • Melly

    Love the song .. Nice song

  • Maria Chandradatt

    love the song real nice and smooth. : D i could see myself dancing to this really sexy

  • Gravii

    Man I’m in the studio with him right now! Bump im original!

  • Maria Chandradatt

    Bump this song it’s original
    Love love love it!!!!!!

  • Lennin1014

    Luv it

  • Savi

    Awesome!!! We need to hear more music like this!

    • Maria Chandradatt

      thank you Savi. I agree

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